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More Time

I mean, I’ve told myself this 100 times, and it’s just no coincidence. The more time I spend with God, the more time I spend being a better person. It’s not a coincidence that the more time I spend with God, the better my relationships are or the better my relationship is.

The more time I spend with God, praying for His peace to fill me, the more peace I have in other relationships. The more time I spend with God praying for His patience the more patient I became in relationships and at work. The more time I dedicate to praying for God’s wisdom and understanding, the more wisdom and understanding I take into my relationship with Brandon.

The more time that I spend just praying for the love of God and to love like God loves, the easier it becomes to love people’s quirks and the things that makes us all who we are. We don’t magically get used to people, or become super patient or peaceful on our own. God gives us that. That takes strengthening that only God can give.

It’s not coincidental and it’s a very simple formula. The more time I spend with God the better everything in my life is. That’s a fact.

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