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Marry Someone You Will Enjoy the Ride With

Marry someone you will enjoy the ride with. Brandon and I go to Pigeon Forge every year. We may go to the movies. We may go to eat. We may ride go karts. We play putt-putt. We may play video games. We even Christmas shop for our family. We do a few other things for ourselves. We celebrate life together and create our own little traditions. We do a lot there. But do you know what my favorite part is?

Not the shopping, not the games, not the dinner, but the ride. The ride is my absolute favorite.

On the ride, we connect. We get coffee and gas station pizza on the go.

We sing. We talk. I read aloud. We listen to sermons. We may even stop and take a picture of the mountains and the trees. Nothing beats the ride there because it’s full of anticipation, but it’s also full of bonding time.

My advice to people who want to get married is simple: marry a godly person of course, and marry someone you can enjoy the ride with, both literally and metaphorically. After all, its the best part.

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