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Proverbs 1: 20,23,24

Wisdom shouts in the streets. She cries out in the public square. Come and listen to my counsel. I’ll share my heart with you and make you wise. “I called you so often, but you wouldn’t come. I reached out to you, but you paid no attention. “When they cry for help, I will not answer. Though they anxiously search for me, they will not find me.

If you want to be found, you go to a public square and you cry out. This is a beautiful personification of how much wisdom wants to be found, yet it’s unrequited. “I called yet you wouldn’t come, I reached out to you, but you wouldn’t pay attention.” 

In other words, wisdom is saying I made myself available to everyone, but only a few chose me. And as we all know, after so much rejection, eventually, you stop trying.

In verse 28, wisdom says you’ll look for me but you won’t find my anymore. Wisdom cries out to be found in the public square. She wants to share her heart, she wants to make you wise, but she isn’t going to force you to want her back. 

So be on the lookout! Wisdom is waiting.

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