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Lesson or Blessing

Let God use you. He will use you one way or another, so let Him. It makes your life easier and it blesses you. God blesses you for doing what you’re supposed to do. Ain’t that something?

In my prayers, I’ve found myself praying for leaders. Praying that God will use them to do His will is a great prayer. But what I’ve come to realize is that God will use them however He wants to. It’s upon them to decide how they want to react to that. And the same thing applies to us all. We can let God use us or we can fight it. let me tell you, fighting it doesn’t end well.

I have to admit that lately I have had to modify that prayer for leaders. Lately, I find myself praying that they will allow God to use them and I know He can and will. But God can use any of us, voluntarily or involuntarily, so it’s always best that you just go ahead and volunteer your services to Him now.

God will either use you to be the lesson or the blessing. It’s your choice. So, what are you waiting for?

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