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It’s Spiritual

It’s quite unfortunate that most of the underlying issues (well all of them) that we face are spiritual issues. All the things that are happening in the world are spiritual things.

There is constantly a battle between our spirits and our flesh, and that’s always going to be. If I don’t remember anything my aunt ever taught me, I know that for a fact that that’s what she shared. That there will always be a constant battle between my spirit and flesh, and that’s it’s up to me to choose to allow God to be in control.

What’s happening in the world is a spiritual thing. We are spiritual beings. What’s so sad, is that so many people see things and they see it as something that is just happening. It’s so sad because it’s spiritual ignorance. You will always see things, you will always wonder, and you will always be lost about the things you see and what’s going on, and what’s happening around us, until you understand that we are spiritual beings more importantly than anything else.

Until you understand that, you will never ever get it.

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