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How Does God Feel?

It’s so hard for us to watch people experience pain. It’s even harder to witness people going through something that they brought on themselves. It’s hard. But as I was praying this morning, thinking about how hard it is for me to witness, I thought about how hard it must be for God.

I can’t begin to understand what God faces. How does God feel?

Think about it. Hear me out on this. He knows that He never created us to experience pain and illness. He never meant for us to feel the way we do at times. He never had heartache in mind when He formed us in His image.

What might that feel like to see the very beings you created for perfection to be anything but that? What would it be like to see those beings live imperfect lives in a world that You originally created to be so good?

How hard would it be to see all that was meant for so much love, for so much good, be used to hurt others? To hurt the other beings You created for perfection. Imagine how hard it is as a parent to see your child choose the wrong path over and over and know that you sacrificed for them to live so much better.

Now, imagine creating something perfect, to be somewhere perfect, and to experience perfection. Think about all that was meant for good and for the good of one another. Now, think about how our world is today. This is not what God had in mind.

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