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But whose are we talking about?

Because for some reason I don’t see my story.

I’m not seeing people that look like me

Whose history is this

How can this be?

I ask the child do you know this figure?

We’re out on his birthday

What else should I remember?

What else should you remember, I don’t understand the question

Read your history books

Pay attention.

I read my history books, but all they say

Is Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln

Paved the way.

Are those the only stories they tell?

You’ve got to be kidding me

I know more and I know them well.

There were slaves brought to this land

They built the foundations

Where we now stand.

And activists fighting for the rights

Of women and men

Black, Asian, and white.

Everyone has a history here

In this American melting pot

That we hold dear

Research the stories

Even if they aren’t taught

Find out more about those who have fought

For the right to read and write

For the right to vote

For the rights of us all to sit in the same room and take the same notes

America the melting pot

With a history so vast

Don’t try to escape, rather learn from the past.

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