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Help v. Hindrance

People are very interesting. I can’t help but believe that God looks at us and laughs sometimes. Not in a condescending way, but in a godly way of course.

Think about it. We work and play. And when we work we want to make sure we get credit for it. Right? I know I do. I don’t go around shouting for recognition, but I do like a shout out on my behalf.

But what’s interesting is what we want God to bless. I’ve talked before about us wanting God to bless things that we don’t even consult with Him about. And about us wanting God to bless things that aren’t even His will for us. But it’s even funnier that sometimes we want God to bless us for doing someone else’s part.

Now, I certainly am not against picking up the slack by any means. What I’m talking about is when we want God to see that we did someone else’s job. And the issue with that lies in a few things:

1) A lot of times people haven’t even done their own job. Imagine being a boss and your staffer telling you he deserves a raise for doing a colleague’s work, but he hasn’t even finished his assignment. That would be annoying, right?

2) Sometimes we just get in the way of what someone else was doing. People aren’t always slacking off, sometimes God is working in them on what they’re working on. And sometimes they are actually working and we take it upon ourselves to “help,” when really we’re just in the way. We’re in their way and we’re in God’s.

3) We don’t do it out of love. We don’t work out of Kingdom love. We didn’t even complete our own tasks with love and certainly aren’t completing someone’s else with love. And we kind of dismiss that part of the Bible that calls us to do all things in love (1 Corinthians 16:14). There’s a reason for that call, it’s the most important part!

I guess it was just pressing upon my heart to share the difference from being a help or hindrance. We should be careful not to be so self-righteous and to make it a goal to know the difference between the two, and truly find out which one we are operating under.

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