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#HearMeOut the #YOUnique Challenge


#‎HearMeOut‬ I am choosing to post something positive about someone else everyday! Join me using #HearMeOut the #YOUnique challenge hashtag. If I embarrass you, my apologies in advance, it’s done out of love.

I, like most people want to do something to be a little more positive. And like most people, I have no idea what to do. Currently, I can’t go anywhere, so what the heck can I do from home to really help? Well, I can try to impact people from where I am, where they are.

Let’s face it. No matter what we’re supposed to be doing, we still make time for social media. I don’t have to leave the house to spread positive vibes via social media outlets. It’s clear people want something else to do. Why not start something that everyone can participate in?

I say, let’s hashtag it #HearMeOut the #YOUnique challenge. Feel free to use either one. I like the idea of unique being about “you.” And I like the precursor of saying hear me out, so that the reader knows to take whatever is coming up with a grain of salt.

I don’t think I’ll make money from this. I don’t think it’ll stop war. I don’t think that it will end hatred. But I do know that we’re less likely to be involved in negative behavior if we succumb to more positive behavior. Join me and enjoy!

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