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Hear Me Out:Log Off/Disconnect

I’ve made it known that I am by no means a relationship expert. But, please hear me out on this.

Stay off social media if you’re arguing with your spouse. Social media was meant for creating connections, and when you are “disconnected” from your spouse the only other person you need to be connecting to is God. You shouldn’t have lost that connection anyway.

Even if you follow positive people, it’s too hard to resist the ads in your feed. And it’s definitely not easy to see other people joyfully smiling when you’re upset. I’ve found two simple reasons to just stay logged off:

1) The last thing you need to do is see someone else happy and blame your spouse that you currently aren’t. Soon you’re comparing them to someone else’s spouse and committing what some might call irreparable damage to your relationship.

2) You certainly don’t need to log on and see someone that you might be attracted to in an ad or in your feed. Before you know it you’re comparing their appearance to your spouse’s. The last thing he or she needs is to feel like they’re failing you emotionally AND physically.

Just get off your phone and computer period. It’s better to just be mad then it is to be mad and tempted!

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