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Godly Influence

How I live and what I say is really important. We may feel like we have purposeless lives. We might feel like what we do doesn’t matter that much. But how we feel doesn’t make any of that the truth.

Some people will never go to church. Some people will never have Bible study. They may never open a Bible and read it. For some people, your influence as a Christian is the only thing that will make them want to be one or not. There is your purpose, to win souls for Christ. The influence of a Christian is in what we say and do, and we can win souls for Him that way.

If I live raggedy, is that the testimony I want to share? Is that really how I want to represent my Creator?

Charles R. Swindoll said, “Christ’s reputation is directly impacted by how we, as believers, live–we either exalt Him or we make a mockery of Him through our choices and conduct.”

So it is my prayer that God will help me to live with the reality that some people will never open a Bible a day in their lives and all they will go by is my saying I’m a Christian and observing how I live. I will win souls for Christ because He has and is my life.

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