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God’s Will – It’s Just that Simple

The struggle is real, but it’s simple. God’s got it. No matter what is said or done, God’s got it. Period.

I’ve been praying for the strength to truly want God’s will for my life. Not to say it, but to really really want it. And it has been hard. I can’t lie. I struggled. I know that that prayer meant that I might not get to be what I’ve always wanted to be. I knew it meant that I might not get to have what I wanted. But I knew I had to surrender myself to God. I have to.

What I knew after praying that prayer was that God’s got it. He will not have me pray and surrender to His will and not have it all under control. If He would, then He would not be God. So here I am today, praying that God’s will be done. Here I am immediately obedient and completely surrendered to Him. I am daily praying for His strength to surrender my all to Him.

God, You’ve got me. You’ve had me, and You will keep me. It’s just that simple.

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