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Gammy: Take Care of Good People

When people ask me if I’m related to Sarah Mayfield, I’m still amazed that I get to claim any blood relation to such an amazing woman. Someone once told me that my brothers and I bring her spirit when we visit their church. What do I say to that? Truth be told, “thank you,” isn’t enough.

Isn’t it amazing that a single sentence can mean more than you believe you do? I could never fill my grandmother’s shoes. I’m not sure I can even pick up where she left them. My “Gammy” was amazing. She was the only person that could be wrong and you would feel bad that she wasn’t right. Somehow, you’d want her to be right regardless of the facts.

She was a leader and a giver. A woman of God and one of my biggest inspirations in life. The idea that I could be anything close to reminiscent of her is beyond me. It’s way more than I deserve. It’s way more than I’m ready for.

While it is an honor to me, I almost feel that it’s shameful to her. I know she wouldn’t feel that way, but when I think of her many accomplishments, it’s hard not to believe she’s getting the bad end of the stick.

I used to tell her that one of the saddest things is that everyone would not get to know her. It still is. But, I’m sure one of the best things is that my family and I have the opportunity to share her through her influence in our lives. And one of our biggest blessings is our memory. Because of memory I can remember my grandmother as if she is here right now. I can dream and I get to see her and remember her.

I guess what I’m saying to everyone is that in these holidays, and even more importantly, in everyday, be thankful for friends and family. When God gives you good people, thank Him and thank them for staying good and being around. Take care of good people.

Gammy, I’ll see you in my dreams!

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