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Forever v. Eternity

You know what’s been getting me through the tough days and frustrating weeks? Eternity. No matter how many angry clients I deal with, no matter how many times I have to take the blame, and no matter how long I have to endure, none of that takes away from Eternity.

No matter what anyone says, does, or feels towards me, I still have Eternity to look forward to. No matter what, Jesus still died for my sins and no bad day can take that away. No angry person can rob me of that gift. No situation is too difficult that everything Jesus died for would come back on me.

There are people who fear death. There are people who fear all the junk they’ll face that day. And what I’m learning is that I have the biggest reason to be fearless. I have no reason to fear circumstances. I have no reason to fear death. I literally have something to look forward to everyday. And on that day I don’t wake up to see it all, that’ll be the moment I’ve been waiting for all along.

What I’ve realized is that if my forever ends tomorrow, may I seek solace in knowing that my Eternity begins.

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