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Fearing His Will

Reality is hard. And spiritual reality is even tougher. Spiritual reality either leaves you extremely happy about where you are, or somewhat disappointed in where you aren’t.

Now I’m not saying the Spirit makes you feel bad, but realistically, sometimes when we look back on our walk with the Lord we look back on the same things we prayed for deliverance from that we chose to fall back in to. And it’s hard.

And quite frankly, it’s the truth of the matter. It’s the reality of this that is so hard.

Really, we fear God’s will.

I am ashamed to say that sometimes I am selfishly afraid that God’s will is not going to be my plan.

His will might not be that man or that job or that salary. And it scares me. I know it shouldn’t. But realistically it does. And although I pray that what will bring God the most glory occurs in my life, sometimes it’s scary to think that it won’t be the things I’ve prayed that He would give me.

In the end, I just have to know that what brings God the most glory, whether it’s what I want or not, is ultimately what is always going to be the best for me. So while I am praying for God’s will, I have to keep on praying for God to rid me of the fear of His perfection. God’s will is indeed perfect, and as long as I continue to fear the outcome of His true will for me, I am choosing to fear the perfection of His decision-making.

A little faith can go a long way. And trusting in God and His perfection is what I have to do. He will never leave me or forsake me and I need to truly understand that. I need to truly get the fact that whatever is or isn’t mine that I’ve wanted does not change the fact that I am still His. It doesn’t change the fact that He is still rooting for me and desiring for me to stay in His corner and in His will. I have to be thankful for His will knowing that.

Thank you God for continuing to stretch out Your hand no matter how often I hesitate to grab it.

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