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An issue I’ve notice in my life is my level of expectancy. And it’s not only been an issue in life, but sadly, in my prayer life.

I’m not sure how it happened, which is scary in itself. At some point I forgot to hope. And from then on I’ve continued to forget to hope. And instead of it just being a nasty habit, it’s an unfortunate lifestyle I’ve adapted.

There should be an anxiousness in me for God. I should be on the edge of my seat awaiting the unfolding of God’s work. It shouldn’t be an “if you could” attitude. It should be an attitude of excitement because I know He can and then some (infinitely more).

I am suppose to live expectantly. I am supposed to expect God to work for me at work. I am supposed to expect Him to work for me in my relationship. It’s no issue for Him to work in my finances. There is supposed to be an indescribable amount of expectation for what God is doing.

So why hasn’t there been? Truthfully, the only thing that is supposed to be surprising is seeing how God could take so little and bless me with so much. It’s not supposed to be a surprise that He could. It’s to be expected that He always can.

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