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Enlightenment: When God Calls You Out

Some of the most enlightening times in my life come when God has to call me out. Yes, God calls me out a good bit actually. He lovingly makes sure I get with His program, especially in my prayer life.

Is it embarrassing? Sometimes. But who cares? When I think about my soul and eternity, it’s always a blessing to be called out by God.

What do I mean by being called out? Sometimes it’s the simplest thing. It’s when God says, “OK, let me get real with you because you’re missing it.” I’ve caught myself in the middle of prayers about to say, “God just do this or that.” No specificity, no real faith needed, just throwing it up in the air. “God give me a job, a salary, something!” Those requests are not pleasing requests.

The other day God said, “Chanel, you ask me like I’m an ‘OK’ God instead of a Great God. That’s why you continue to only get ‘OK’ Opportunities.”

God is God and we are not. And the more I treat Him like He’s an “if you could” God, the more I’ll get “maybe” requests. When God calls you out, it’s always for your benefit, as is everything God does. Being called out is so far from being the worst thing that could happen.

God reminded me that He is not honored by my lackluster petitions to Him. The whole point of petitioning to God is to give Him honor and praise by acknowledging that you have a need or request that you know only He can meet. God is not a genie, but He is a God that can meet any need no matter how big or small. The issue with prayers isn’t always what we’re requesting, but what we’re not. Sometimes God is saying, “Really? Is that all you think I’m capable of?”

God is not limited by your prayer request. You are. When I prayed for any job, God said I had the job ready for you. When I prayed to just get by, God said OK, I had the best lined up for you, but I’ll teach you by giving you what you asked for.

God calls us out because He loves us. We should all be so thankful that He always has better in store for us. We should be grateful that God loves us enough to call us out, because that, my friends, is when enlightenment and discernment begins. And when God enlightens you, He enlightens your prayers too.

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