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Describe a year from your life in a series of 52 tweets (140 characters each).

I got engaged, and married this year, 2016!

It’s such an overwhelming event, it’s best to use as little detail as possible to not overwhelm the reader.

My life had to change.

My name changed. My address changed. Importantly, I changed.

It’s not so easy, but it’s certainly not so bad.

Married life is different, a good different.

I don’t get everything I want, and I have to share what I have.

But you grow and you learn so much.

Much more than you could as a single person I think.

Let’s face it, it has some great benefits.

A close friend, someone to wake up to and grow old with come with the deal.

And, you have a spiritual companion for life.

It’s really a good thing.

It was new relocating and starting a new job.

I spent 9 months of engaged life processing those changes that were coming.

And we didn’t end up where we thought we would.

Oh, and how could I forget. All of the wedding preparation took place in the middle of knee surgery.

A torn ACL, meniscus, and fractured kneecap.

Now, I’ve got 3 screws in my knee. That’s life changing.

But, you know what?

Having him by my side made it easier.

Surgery reminded me all the more of why I was marrying him…

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