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Remarkably, a magazine all about you is launched. Write a letter to the editor.

Dear Editor,

Thank you for this magazine being, well, all about me, this month. I am both honored and humbled to have this wonderful opportunity.

Honored, because you chose me. Me?! Billions of people are in this world, but you chose me. Thank you so much for that.

Humbled, because I realize now that I have not used my full potential. I have been slacking off it feels. Yes, I’m grateful for my D.A.U.G.H.T.E.R.S. yearly conference for young women. I am thankful for my best-selling novels. But the questions that have plagued me as of late are, what have I done lately and where has the time gone?

Again, I thank you for this opportunity. I am so grateful to be chosen for your magazine. If I can in any way assist in making this process easier, please let me know. Just because it’s all about me doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t do anything for it. Don’t hesitate to contact me for anything.

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