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Crazy Perfect

You know sometimes it’s really easy to feel like a failure, especially when you look around and see what others have accomplished. You know when I think about my ancestors and so forth, I feel like I’m failing. When I think about how much someone else might give at work, it’s impossible to not feel like I may be failing.

It’s hard. It’s hard overcoming those feelings of failure. It’s hard when you are a perfectionist. It’s easy to succumb to the feelings of failure that might look you in the face. And I don’t know that I’ve overcame that. It’s a struggle. It’s hard. I want to be the best. And it’s hard when I know I’m not.

To my perfectionists out there, how can we work on this? Perfectionism is getting in the way of a lot. We miss celebrating what we have accomplished because we are so focused on what we didn’t get done. We have to modify this way of thinking, but how?

Pretty soon that perfectionism is not only going to drive us crazy, but those around us too. Now, what could be worse than being “crazy perfect?” Let’s do our best to never have to find out.

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