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You know, I’ve talked about God calling me out on several occasions. Yep, He’s still doing it. Thank you God.

But anyway, I was thinking about jobs. You know how you apply and apply and then something happens when you have the possibility of a few offers coming. Or maybe you were torn between schools or men or whatever. And I was just thinking, God, I wish you would make it easy for me. I wish you would just make it happen without me having to do anything.

Then I laughed.


Am I asking God to make it easier for me to be obedient? God take one opportunity away so that it’ll be easier to go with the other? Sounds like I am to me. But why would I do that? Because I’m scared.

I’m scared of being in a situation where I am put on the spot to have to make the most obedient choice, but why? Isn’t that what I’ve been waiting on? An opportunity to grow my faith?

The bottom line is that I ask God to make me obedient, but it seems like I don’t want the hard work that comes with it. Obedience to God is making the godly choice, and sometimes that’s not what seems like the best choice to society or to me.

Would it be easier if God didn’t give me options? Maybe. But if He didn’t, wouldn’t I probably be sitting here writing about how I wish God would trust me enough to give me a choice?

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