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Can you believe…

Can you believe God actually created us with the purpose of having a relationship with us? I know. It’s crazy, right? But He did. It’s really too hard to grasp.

God wants a relationship with me. Imperfect, disobedient, silly me. How could that be?

God longs for me to spend time with Him. How is this possible? An almighty God actually gets excited when I put everything aside and spend time with Him. He actually waits for me to turn over my burdens to Him so He can handle it. He actually looks forward to hearing from me everyday.

I don’t think about that enough. I don’t think about the fact that God is indescribably good, and I am only good because He created me. I don’t acknowledge the fact that in His ultimate grace and mercy He can’t help but love me even though I am, well, me. I want to be good enough for God to love. I want to be the best writer I can be for God to love. I want to be the best daughter for God to love. I want to be the best most perfect everything for God to love.

And I can’t be. I will never be. I can never be good enough for God to love, and I can never be bad enough for Him to stop loving me.

So in a world where I can want to be anything, the best thing I will ever be, is God’s. And that’s far more than I deserve.

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