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But Why?

It is so easy to ask why? Why, God? Why is this happening? Why can’t I have that? Why can’t I have him? Why?

And it’s easy to get caught up into our “whys” that we miss what’s happening right now. If I’m too busy asking God why He didn’t do something else, I might miss what He’s doing in the current moment. See, when my focus is on what God didn’t do for me, my vision is more blurred than it’s ever been.

Gratitude really is the right attitude to cure such a problem. If I spend my time being thankful for what God did yesterday, and looking forward to the work He’s going to do tomorrow, it’s easier to want to join Him in the work He’s doing today.

I don’t want to spend anymore time with a blurred perspective of what God didn’t do, when all along I missed what He did do. If my focus is solely on God, I don’t see anything that He didn’t do, because all I can see is what He did.

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