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Breast Cancer Awareness

Man I love October! Breast Cancer Awareness month is one of my favorite awareness causes. I have to admit, it could be my favorite, if that’s possible to even have a favorite awareness cause. I’ve had some very near and dear people who have died from breast cancer, so I really d

o want people to know more about it. I do want to support the cause.

But, I’m kind of annoyed with myself. Am I really supporting the cause the way that I can? Posting a picture is cool, wearing pink every day is nice, but when am I going to do more?

Every little bit does help. I do believe in that. But isn’t there a time when our little bit should become more when we have the ability? I may not have more money to donate, but if there’s one thing I’m currently not short on, no matter how much I want to believe I am, it’s time. So why don’t I make the time to spread awareness?

The question must be asked, do we like to make others aware when it’s convenient for us? It’s easy to support the cause when all you have to do is change your profile picture. Who doesn’t LOVE all the new shirts they come up with every year? I mean, who doesn’t enjoy posting how nice the football players look in their pink on Sunday? But in the meantime, what are we doing? And not just for breast cancer, but for such worthy causes in general? Can we do more?

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