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People say life is boring. During this time of quarantine, even more people have this idea. My questions are and will always be, have you read anything? Have you written anything? Have you worked out? Have you reached out to anyone?

If you haven’t done anything to work on being a better person during this time, then you certainly have no time to be bored. If you have done anything to work on being a better person you already know that work is never done, and there’s no time to be bored.

Have you read your Bible during this time? Have you prayed more? Have you gone deeper with God? Those things are certainly not boring.

The Bible is not boring. It may be long. It may be confusing at times. It may even be hard to read. But it is not boring. That’s for sure.

Scholars will tell you it’s interesting. Albeit they read from a place of entertainment or simply good storytelling, but they wouldn’t say it’s boring, that’s for sure. 

Prayer is not boring. It’s an opportunity to speak with the Creator of the Universe. None of these things are boring, or useless, when they make you a better person.

I guess what I’m saying is, maybe you’re not bored. Maybe you’re just not trying. 

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