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Bad “Better”

Pity is pathetic. Let’s be real. We might want a little pity every now and then, but once we get it, it feels pretty pathetic. Am I right?

What’s worse is self-pity. I have realized that I have been feeling really sorry for myself and for what? I’ve been feeling really bad and why?

To tell the truth, I think it’s so that I would feel better about what I have done. See, when I sin, I know it’s wrong. But I feel “better” after sinning when I know I at least feel bad about it all. At least I have the sense to feel bad about it. That’s still good, right?


Feeling bad is not good enough. God is not a God of feeling bad. He is a God of change. So unless I’m feeling bad as a means to bring about change, I must just be feeling bad to  make myself feel better, especially if I go and do it all over again.

I now realize that I have started a sick, sad cycle and it makes no sense. So the question I have for myself is, why do something that I will feel bad about when I could just feel good about doing what I should have done anyway?

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