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It’s an easy truth. Your attitude is going to reflect how your day is going to be. The other day, I was very happy. Yeah, I was going to be on fall break and I’d get to see Brandon and all that made me excited. And believe it or not that was kind of the point.

I could easily say yeah I’m happy because of the break coming up and I’ll have a minute to gather myself and enjoy that. Yeah, I’m happy because I get a chance to do something I want to do instead of stuff I have to do. But overall my day has been better because my attitude is happiness. It’s been a serious well-needed attitude adjustment.

Regardless of the reason, my attitude is happy, thus my day is joyful. That is the whole point of it all. I still had to go somewhere I didn’t feel like going. I still get tired from being in that place, but it didn’t matter as much. The fact that my attitude reflected joyfulness and happiness made my day much more joyful and happy. Is your attitude getting in the way too?

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