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Are You Ready?

Are we just not ready?

I think so. I think that there have been countless times I have asked God to move in my life, and when He did I wasn’t ready. Somehow I was still surprised. I was surprised by the timing or opportunity. Or maybe I was surprised by the location or position. Either way I was surprised that what was happening was happening.

I wonder can we ever really be ready? Isn’t part of God’s wonder the fact that He’s unpredictable in how He chooses to bless you? If I could be ready for everything then I would probably lose the thrill of the unknown.

Yet still, if we are in God’s will we have to be ready for something to happen. We can’t earnestly pray for God to move as only He can and expect nothing to happen. And I think that is the part that we are supposed to be prepared for. We are supposed to be prepared for God to move mountains and part seas when we earnestly pray for His will to be done.

Why else would we earnestly pray for Him to move if we aren’t expecting Him to move in a mighty way? All I know is, is that I’ve got to stay prepared. I have to know that I don’t know how God is going to move, but that I do know He is going to move, and it is going to be in a mighty way.

Think about it, if it isn’t mighty, then is it God?

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