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Accept a Blessing

Sometimes God really is just trying to send you a blessing. He really just wants to bless you. And I have to remind myself that it really is just that simple. Of course I don’t deserve it, but He wants me to have it.

We get so bogged down in logic that we overthink what God has already thought out. It’s hard for us. It’s hard to believe that that job is ours. It’s too good to be true that that man is a gentleman. It’s all too much to accept that things are going well for us. So what do we do? We find something don’t we?

We make the hours strenuous. We make his haircut an issue. We think about the fact that it rained and make it damper our day. We make up some reason to not let a situation be as good as it simply is.

God showed me today that you really just need to sit back and accept a good thing. If we’re so busy trying to logically see how this blessing could be, we’ll miss the fact that it is. And once we try to mix logic and God’s work, we only have a mess that we created.

God is doing some wonderful things in wonderful ways, because that’s the only way He can work, wondrously. And instead of trying to see why all these blessings can’t be or why they can’t last, I just want to praise Him because they are. And I just want to thank Him because He is. God is blessing me, and the best part is that He has no reason to but He still does.

I’m a mess and He blesses me. It doesn’t make any sense, but it sure does feel good…

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