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A Relationship with God

Again, dealing with the subject of change. We have to want to change. We have to want God to change us. We have to want to do the Lord’s will. I can read. I can pray all day. But if I don’t want God to be in control of my life, if I don’t want to live by His spirit, what do I want? If I don’t want to do His will, then all I am is a walking knowledge of who He is without an actual relationship with Him. That’s no good.

Many people know of God, but only knowing of God is the issue. A relationship with God is when you actually experience who He is. You experience the magnitude of His worthiness and your unworthiness. A relationship with God brings you right down to your knees in awe of who He is. If you’ve not been brought to your knees in the presence of His glory, then you’ve not had the full experience of the awesomeness of His being yet.

Once you experience God that way, it’s hard to be comfortable with just knowing of Him. Once you’ve let Him in, there is a longing for a relationship with Him. You’ll know that knowing Him just isn’t enough, and you’ll be happy to realize that.

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