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A Grave with No Marker

A preacher was preaching about his grandfather whose grave had no marker on it because he was so disliked. And then he went on to discuss ownership and giving it back to God.

Afterward, I started thinking about how hard we work for recognition. We work so hard to own our lives and the things we believe should be ours. But in all that hard work, sometimes we forget it’s not ours to begin with.

People work so hard to make a name for themselves. And I get it. No one wants to die and not be remembered. I don’t think there’s a person out there that could honestly say they don’t care about not being missed. But working just to make a name for yourself is not the key.

Work should be done to make a name for God. And what you have should be God’s. Any work you do that is not a work for God, any name you make that is not a name for God, and anything you do that is not for God, is all in vain.

Are you working hard to dig a grave with no marker?

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