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Your Story : By God

Can I be honest? I think one of the most thrilling parts of living a Christian lifestyle is your story. Every Christian has a unique story about how God lifted them out of their own filth and mire, and cleaned them up. And there is a certain beauty in storytelling that I think everyone should acknowledge.

I think it’s great that God knows how my story is going to end. Whenever I’m truly struggling and wondering what now, it is always great to be reminded of the fact that I am in a story that ends well. No matter how bad my day seems or how wrong things go, my story ends with an Eternity with God. What news could possibly come that would ruin the high of knowing that?

My cousin is working on an at-home documentary, called Curse Breakers. It is about breaking the curse of obesity in her family. Dare I say, I’ve been inspired. (Shout out to Maya!) Anyway, it has really made me think about my own story. As we know, I’m having surgery on my ACL. In the midst of starting a new job, a new year, and declaring my new resolution being to complete a couple of 5 k’s, I have to have surgery on my knee. So not ideal!

But, with my cousin’s motivation, there’s no reason why I can’t have my own comeback story. If having surgery and being able to get back into a fit life is what is going to give God the most glory, then this is actually a good thing. Why not share that?

Just because something is happening in my life that I didn’t plan for doesn’t mean that it has to be all bad. When we ask God to use us in the capacity that is going to best glorify Him, we need to be aware of the fact that it isn’t always going to be under the conditions and terms that we choose. Sometimes the best way I can glorify God is to go through something unexpected to be able to help others get through it as well.

I love that God is telling a beautiful story on my behalf. After all, He is the better writer.

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