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Your Mistakes

It’s easy to blame other people for what’s going on in life. Believe it or not, we even try to blame God for what’s happening. Very rarely do we let reality reign in the aftermath of our choices. For as long as possible, we will let our mistakes be someone else’s fault.

I’d rather blame you for not getting me up on time even though I have my own alarm clock. I look better if it’s your fault that you didn’t remind me there was a test than to admit that I was the one that forgot. You know, my job should pay me more, although I’m the one who mismanages my finances. It’s either you or it’s fault, but not mine. I blame you.

And finally, after I’ve spent time blaming everyone else and still have my problems, reality is finally here. It’s no one’s fault but my own. And I can point, and blame, and claim my innocence or ignorance, but I’m still the common denominator.

Eventually, you have to see that your mistakes really are your mistakes.

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