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You Never Know

You really never know how a day is going to go. One minute your biggest concern is what you’re eating for dinner and the next you’re trying to figure out the newest quirks happening in your body or life.

It’s so easy to take it all for granted. It’s so easy to make first world problem seem like world problems when they’re not. It’s so easy to become oblivious to the spoiled nature that our society has lavished us with.

Sometimes we can’t help it. Sometimes what’s immediate or urgent seems important. But it’s the emergencies that are important. And when those happen we realize the immediate may have never been that important.

As unfortunate as they are, it’s the emergencies that make us value life more. It’s usually the near-death experiences or the ideas of losing someone that cause us to realize the preciousness of life. But why does it take that?

Why don’t we value people and time while we have them? Why don’t we value the present enough to get over the arguments? Why don’t we value the present times so that when future difficulties come all doesn’t seem so bleak?

Do we not value people? Do we just not value time? Or do we just not know how? If we never know what the future holds, why don’t we work hard enough to take care of the present?

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