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You Don't Depreciate

"I've done too much. I can't go back. It's too late for me. I can't be forgiven."

All lies. The lies of the enemy seem like truth, don't they? When we make mistakes, it's hard to believe we can come back from them. We can't fathom God forgiving us, let alone making us new and using us for His glory.

Too much sin. Too much pushback. Too much backsliding. Too much of the wrong things and certainly not enough of the right.

With every sin, with every mistake, with every failure, we begin to believe our value has declined. The lie that my worth matters because of what I do and don't do sounds like truth. And because I begin to see it as such, I begin to diminish in value when I don't measure up.

The truth is, my value is not in what I do. It's not in what I have. It's not in opinions of me. My value is in who God created me to be. It's in my life in Christ. Unlike the material things that we decide to value, we don't lose our value, ever.

To God, you never lose value. You don't depreciate.

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