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Writing Activity

Briefly but convincingly, explain why world peace is better than indoor plumbing.

World peace is better than indoor plumbing because indoor plumbing isn’t a necessity. We need world peace. Imagine a world with no wars. Imagine a place where countries get along with one another. There are no nuclear bombs because there is no intention to destroy one another. That’s the world we could welcome with open arms if we had world peace.

Indoor plumbing isn’t necessary. Our ancestors didn’t have it. Can you imagine how nice it would be to have a smaller water bill? Think about that.

Just as briefly and convincingly, explain why indoor plumbing is better than world peace.

Imagine having to watch where you stepped everyday. Wouldn’t it be easy to live at peace with indoor plumbing? Isn’t that important?

Can everyone ever truly get along? Really? So why try to convince ourselves that world peace is near? Let’s focus on what we know to be successful. Indoor plumbing.

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