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Woe is me…

I’ve come to realize that sometimes we owe it to other people to be successful. It might not seem like it, but we don’t always feel like being successful. We know it’s possible, but giving our best effort is too tiring sometimes. Sometimes our best just seems too overshadowed. Sometimes our best just doesn’t seem like it’s even close to being enough. That’s when our debt to others has to kick in.

Whenever I feel like I can’t give anymore than I’ve already given, I have to remind myself of the sacrifice of so many others. And usually, that’s enough to get me going. When I remind myself of the fact that somebody gave all they had so that I could have all that I’ve got, I have to act like it!

I’ve begun to start getting sarcastic with myself whenever I am behaving or thinking so ridiculously. Truth be told, it’s funny, but it does help. I simply say, “Woe is me…”

“Woe is me that my computer is taking too long. Woe is me that he didn’t call or text. Woe is me that I don’t feel like going to work when people would give all they have for the opportunity to supply for their families.”

See how it works? Once I go through my “woes” I begin to see how they’re everything but that. I begin to see how foolish I am by being too busy seeing my blessings as tasks.

I am so spoiled. If my list above is an example of the biggest woes in my life, then I definitely owe somebody a thank you. How many woes don’t you actually have?

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