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Who are You?

I found a note that I left myself in my backpack. It’s a great reminder:

Never stop being who you prided yourself on becoming.

I wasn’t in a very good mood last year. Joy just wasn’t there and hope wasn’t my outlook. And I wrote that to remind myself that no matter what things look like, who I am isn’t supposed to change, unless it’s for the better.

I was happy to be an encourager. I was happy to be a giver. Yet, it seemed that it was hard to be those things when life wasn’t the way I wanted it to be. I had prided myself on being those things, and now I didn’t feel like being that anymore.

When did being what God chose me to be get to become optional based on how I felt? Never, right?

When I read that note today, it made me smile. It’s easier to smile when things are going good. It’s also easier to take things for granted too. Today, I was reminded that whether things are good or bad, I am who God created me to be. And if there’s an encourager, then I am to be that no matter what the circumstances are.

Who have you prided yourself on becoming? Is that person still there?

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