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When You’re the Problem

I don’t think I’m better than other people. I don’t think I always get it right and everyone else makes a whole bunch of mistakes. I’m not that person.

I just have an issue with people who have been the problem acting like they’re the solution.

It’s tiring and it’s annoying. There’s nothing like it. We’ve all been in those situations before. You have that one person who has all the suggestions in the world. They want to be front and center for the big event. And you know and they know, that in preparation for the big event they were the issue.

Dates had to be rearranged because they couldn’t be there. Locations had to be changed so they could come. And after all the rearranging and changing, the big day is here, and they are acting all too much as if they were the easiest person to work with.

I understand people don’t always mean to be difficult. People don’t always try to make it harder on everyone else. But, all I ask is that if you know you did or that you have made it harder, please don’t try to make it seem like you’ve been the solution when in all actuality you have been the problem.

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