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When God Misses You

God you missed me. You missed us. My Dad has been out of work sick and people have been asking about him. They’ve been worrying, and the moment he showed up, it was the best thing to them. He was truly missed.

And as I sat this morning and prayed. I thought about my grandparents and how badly I miss them. I thought about my aunt that has been in the hospital and just how much I miss her. How much I miss talking to her, and laughing with her. And then I thought about Brandon and the fact that’s he’s over three hours away and just how much I miss him. How much I hate not having the immediacy to be able to say “I need you come here now.”

And I thought about all these people I miss. And then I thought about God. I thought about these months in my life and the strain and struggle, and how much time I didn’t give Him. And then I thought about You missing me God. I thought about Almighty God missing me.

You have missed me seeking your wisdom. You’ve missed me needing your encouragement and wanting it. You’ve missed me calling on You. You’ve missed me being completely dependent upon you no matter what is happening in my life. You’ve missed me being completely engulfed in your word. You’ve missed me coming to talk to You or cry to You or laugh with You.

You’ve missed time with me. And You’ve missed it far more than I could even explain or feel. And You shouldn’t have to.

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