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What is Greatness?

What is greatness?

Who attains it?

How do you attain it?

What does it consist of?

It’s my belief that greatness is the realization that you can achieve exactly what you believed you couldn’t. Not only do you achieve it, but you excel at it as well. Nothing, and no one gets in your way as you embark and finish your journey to greatness.

I feel like greatness is achieved when you have been good, but it’s not enough. I’m not even sure the people who are really great even know it. I don’t think that Martin Luther King, Jr. set around thinking he was great. I believe he knew he was capable of greatness, but I bet he lived everyday trying to be great instead of saying and settling in greatness.

I want to be great.

But, I don’t want to ever know I was there. I believe if I feel like I’m there, I will stop striving for it. If I ever sit and say I can take a break now, I’ll never un-break.

Greatness doesn’t stop. It’s ongoing.

It lives on, even when we can’t.

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