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Made Holy

Let’s just pause for a moment. I know we can’t really fathom the Holiness of God, so let’s just pause.

God is telling Moses that He is going to live amongst the people. Physically, He won’t be there, but His Presence will be. Yes, I know, it’s a lot to comprehend, but it’s true. In fact, God says the place He meets them will be made holy BY His Presence being there. Can you imagine that? This place will (per online dictionary’s definition of holy) be a morally and spiritually excellent place, a sacred place. This will be for no other reason than God’s Presence being there.

Verses before, God said that the altar of sacrifice was going to be so holy (following His instructions completely) that whatever touched it would be holy. That’s the holiness of God! His very Presence makes where He is become holy.

But can I talk about the love of God briefly? The grace of God and goodness of God are incomparable. Because in these moments of God promising His Presence, the people He is making the promise to are on the brink of idolatry. In a couple of chapters, we’ll see them building an idol and worshipping it as their god, as their deliverer.

But God knows this! He knows what’s about to happen, and yet He’s still making His promises and keeping them! Why?!? To be honest, I don’t fully know, but what I do know is enough.

Great is His faithfulness. God will keep His promises even when we don’t keep ours because of who He is. His character is a promise keeper. His character is faithful. His character is loving. Even if we never appreciate it or understand it, He will honor His name and character. He can’t go against His character. And His love for you and me doesn’t even want to.

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