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Unhappily Ever After?

A friend of mine and I were talking about our favorite celebrity couples. You know, the ones we really wanted to make it. What’s sad is that there are so many divorces that such a discussion is possible. It’s sad that so many people divorce that all you can do is narrow it down to the ones who are still “hanging in there.”

I get that marriage is hard. Relationships are hard so I could only imagine how much harder a marriage is. Having to share money, space, etc. But like some of us regular people, divorce isn’t an option. Perhaps we weren’t raised that way, maybe (likely) we can’t afford it, or maybe we don’t like the social stigma that comes with it. But in the same breath I can still say that even with all that, our divorce rates are still high,

Why is it so easy to agree that neither of you can make it work?

One thing I’ve heard a lot of people say is that things were bad. Unless there was something completely ungodly and out of His will that happened, what exactly is the bad? When people say it’s been bad for a while what does that mean? How bad is bad? And how long is a while when you’ve pledged forever together?

How long is a long time to be unhappy in a marriage when you’ve pledged a lifetime together? If you’ve been unhappy for a month, but you’ve pledged forever, have you been unhappy that long?

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