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Never get tired of doing good… 2 Thessalonians 3:13 (NLT)

As unfortunate as it is, if there’s one thing to get tired of doing, it’s being good. It takes so much effort, right?

You have to ignore people’s faults sometimes. You have to turn the other cheek. You have to look past people’s wrongdoings. It’s hard work.

And do you know why it’s tiring? Because so many people have gotten tired of doing good. But the Bible tells us to never get tired of doing good.

You know why I think we get tired? Because we compare ourselves to everyone else. We see so many people doing wrong and we wonder why we have to uphold our standards.

God tells you to do good. It’s that simple. As I’ve said, being a Christian means that your life is under a microscope, telescope, and magnifying glass. People are watching and waiting for you to mess up. And at the first word or act of unkindness, people are ready to question your walk with the Lord.

But one thing God has dealt with me with is that when it’s all said and done, He’s not going to ask me what my colleagues did or my boss or anyone else. He’s going to ask me what I did. He’s going to ask me was I doing good. And I really want my answer to please Him.

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