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Time for Sin

We are all very amazing people. I amaze myself often, and not in the ways that I wish that I did. I amaze myself with my ability to do wrong. And since I’m speaking about negative behavior, I should probably try something a little different to express myself. Maybe amaze isn’t the correct word. Perhaps, being dumbfounded is just a little bit better?

It’s dumbfounding to me that I can always find time to sin. No matter how sleepy I am, no matter how I look forward to going to bed that night, somehow I can always manage to pour one more drink that I don’t need. I can always seem to think one more thought that I’ll need forgiveness for immediately. I can always manage to think and tempt myself with one more thought that’s already unbeneficial. I can always make time for one more something that I have no business doing anyway.

It’s crazy to me that throughout the day I can think about going to sleep. I can think about sleeping all night. I can even consider going to bed early. But for some reason, when that sin comes up I can always seem to make time and produce enough energy for it.

Why is that?

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