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Think Happy Thoughts

Sometimes you just don’t have the juice. You know? Sometimes you just ain’t got it. Your energy is low. Your purpose seems cloudy. And your surroundings seem to be bleaker than ever. The juice just ain’t there and you don’t know if it will be either.

My question is, how do you get the juice? When your cup is empty how do you refill it?

Well, at first thought all I can say is think happy thoughts.

Cliché, I know. But that’s the way that actually makes sense. Think happy thoughts. Do things that invoke joy. What is a happy thought? God. It just hit me as I was writing this that God has invested in me. God has actually invested in my happiness when I think about it.

God has saved me from an eternity in Hell. The message of salvation is a juice-filled one. I haven’t had the juice lately, and I’ve struggled with that fact. But I do know that thinking positive thoughts has helped much more than my bitter ones. When I think about salvation can I really be unhappy?

God truly cares that I am happy. It really does matter to Him. Almighty God cares about my joy. So… what was my struggle about again…?

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