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The Void

God’s Word belongs in our heart. Most people say that they have a void that needs to be filled. That void usually is something they feel in their heart or life. The Bible says God’s Word will not return back void (Isaiah 55:11).

Why would we not believe that a void in our life is not meant to be filled with the one thing that never returns void and is meant to do just that? To fill voids.

Every answer is right there. In God’s Word we have our answers, our needs, and our purpose. If we would only look at it and live it, that void would be filled.

I’ve struggled these past couple of months. And every day I felt God saying spend more time with me. Once I did, it was as if His words were even more obvious and applicable to my life than they already are. It’s like everything I thought I was longing for was a lie, because the real longing was for Him.

It’s amazing how much I was asking God and how much He was taking away in a sense, to fill it with himself and opportunities to grow. It’s funny, we feel like God has left us when some things are removed from our lives, when really He’s making more room for Himself.

The void will always be too big for that job, or man, or paycheck, etc. when only God is meant to fill it.

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