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The Problem Within

We serve a mighty God. It is a blessing to be completely in service to Him. As messy as we are, as foolish as we are, as crazy as we can be, He lets us serve Him.

He takes our good works, which really are nothing but filthy rags in comparison to Him, and He loves them. He moves in our lives. He allows things for us. He works on our behalf. And He rarely gets thanks for it.

What I believe is that we should thank God for how little He asks for us. God really doesn’t ask that much of me, when I think about it. When I think about what I owe Him that I could never repay, it’s almost like stealing. I don’t give Him enough, but I sure do take plenty.

When I think about serving a God that deserves everything and then some, but only asks so little of me, how can I not feel blessed? God only asks for my obedience to Him, and I don’t even do a good job at that. What’s crazy is that He really never asks me to do anything that He hasn’t given me the ability to do. So the problem doesn’t lie in the people around me or the things, it’s lies within me.

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