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The Natural Woman

Now or Never


There’s a struggle being natural. There’s a struggle being a woman. It’s just hard managing sometimes. It’s hard facing societal “norms” not only from “outsiders,” but from your “own” as well. I just don’t understand, what’s so bad about being natural? Why has being natural become the most unnatural thing in the world?

Why is it OK to condemn “white people” for judging our skin tone, yet display the same venom of hypocrisy when we judge our own? How can we see hair and assume anything about a person based on the length or texture that it is? How do we place so much emphasis on the least important part of who we all are?

Why does not wearing make-up or not wearing your hair straightened determine who you are on the inside? Why is it OK to say, “Oh, you’re going to look like a princess when you…

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