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The Master(‘s) Plan

I was listening to Silent Night over Christmas, of course, and it really made me think. Well, it made me think more than usual.

In the last verse it says, “Jesus Lord at Thy birth”

For some reason it really hit me about the impact of who we are from birth. Now none of us can be Lord and Savior, but I now understand that whatever it is we are going to be happens at birth. And actually, before birth.

Jesus didn’t have to grow up with the hopes that one day he would become Savior, He was already the Savior. Just like if I’m a writer, I’m a writer at birth. My writing may develop over time, but the obstacles, trials, and triumphs that occur over the course of my life are things to further push me to become a better writer. Rather than being viewed as things to push me away from being a writer.

At birth I was going to be a writer. The decisions I have made determined the path it would take for me to realize I was one. Just like anything. We are what we are going to be when we are born. And we choose the route in which we want to take to become that or not.

It’s actually quite amazing.

Pretty much no matter what, you’re going to be what you are. Unless time is no longer on your side, whatever you’re supposed to become is what you will be. And the longer you fight it, the longer it takes to eventually become comfortable in whatever your calling is.

It is my belief that we have a time in life when we seek answers and a time when we don’t. We have moments where we want to measure exactly where we currently are in life. There are days when I sit and say, “I wonder how I’m doing. I wonder just how far I strayed from the path that I was supposed to be on?”

We all have a purpose in life. And we have a set way to go about achieving that purpose, should we choose to do so. So I wonder am I on my path still? Did I take the short cut, the straightway, or the detour?

How much harder did I make my journey? Did I stay the course or completely get off course?

I think those are valid questions. And a part of me thinks that not having those answers is the beauty in it all. And that it shows how great God is. I’ve been thinking about all the mistakes I’ve made and the perfection of God.

See, only God could take my detour in life and use it to still get me to my destination. Only God can take life’s lemons and turn them into heavenly lemonade.

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